So CBS unveiled details of its 14th season of Survivor (aka “I’ve got two naked guys in the hot tub”) set in Fiji. And the new Mark Burnett-conceived hook (13th season’s was race based, remember?) is once again going to cause controversy, though not necessarily with advertisers but surely with viewers: While one team will live the life of luxury, the other team is left with virtually nothing. Uh, doesn’t that defeat the whole point of the show since the contestants are supposed to live on the edge of civilization and eke out an existence? This high concept doesn’t make any sense, unless its intent is to cause more animosity between tribes. Which may be since the challenges will have contestants beat up each another. Also, the 19 survivors (more than before) range from a Harvard-educated lawyer to a once homeless street performer. Also, hard-core Survivor aficionados will understand this: Exile Island will be even more rugged, crawling with thousands of deadly sea snakes, while two immunity idols (not just one) will be buried there. What I’d really like to know is when will unannoying Jeff Probst stop traveling hither and yon and replace Regis as co-host with Kelly Ripa. They had great chemistry when Probst filled in for Philbin one week.