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September 2006 Archive

Pellicano Wiretap Scandal Update: Phone Employee's Perjury Trial Starts Today; Beat Reporter Exits; Pellicano Won't Rat

It’s been a while since I’ve provided a Pellicano scandal update. So here goes: Today is the start of SBC telephone employee Joann Wiggan’s perjury trial before U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer — important because it’s one of the first cases relating to the racketeering and wiretapping (of celebrities, VIPs and journalists) and racketeering charges against imprisoned Hollywood P.I. thug Anthony Pellicano. And these perjury cases serve as warnings to those in and… Read

Bruce Willis Not A Diehard Republican?

For years, I have been “brainwashed” by the GOP into believing that Bruce Willis is a diehard Republican. Maybe that’s because he has voiced support for the war in Iraq, accused the media of ignoring “success stories” there, backed George W. Bush for president in 2000, and appeared at the White House with Dubya. On the other hand, it is true that an FEC search finds little evidence that Willis has given to GOP causes. But the media hating actor uncharacteristically wanted… Read

Brad Grey's Posse Denies That Cruise/Scientology Thug Report

Brad Grey’s people finally tell me it’s “nonsense” that Tom Cruise dispatched goons from the Church of Scientology to intimidate him. That’s why I waited to comment on last week’s assertion by the newly revived Radar Online citing “a high-ranking media executive.” The report claims Grey, during his negotiations with Cruise over Mission: Impossible 3, was walking to his car in the Paramount lot when suddenly he found himself surrounded by more than a dozen Scientologists… Read

Senate Dems Probe Iraq Profiteering Per Robert Greenwald's New 'Iraq For Sale'

Hollywood filmmaker Robert Greenwald is in Washington today for Senate Democratic  oversight hearings on Iraq war profiteering, and the D.C. movie premiere of his latest documentary, Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers. The Brave New Films DVD will be released on September 26th. The Senate Democratic Policy Committee, led by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), will conduct oversight hearings to seek accountability for contracting abuses in Iraq. Dorgan, with Senators Harry Reid… Read

Some Showbiz Dems Feel Used By Arnold

I’m told some Hollywood Democrats are furious they’ve been “outed” by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign. On Friday, the Los Angeles Times, in what was tantamount to a press release for Ah-nuld, presented the laundry list of Hollywood Dems who have joined Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Haim Saban Read

Box Office

The Rock Rules At Rocky Box Office: 'Gridiron Gang” #1; 'Black Dahlia' #2; Sony Overtakes Disney In Market Share

SATURDAY: Box office continues to slump as moviegoers stay away from theaters for another weekend, showing yet again how the lack of big tentpole pics can’t drum up excitement for all film fare. But Sony scored yet another No. 1 opening — its 10th this year — when The Rock’s Gridiron Gang gritty football flick based on a true story opened with $4.8 million from 3,504 theaters Friday. The pic which cost only $30 mil to make received a 30% bump for Saturday’s business, so… Read

GOP Trying To Blacklist Rosie O'Donnell

You’d think that with the Abramoff scandal heating up again, a failed war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and New Orleans still reeling, the GOP would have better things to focus on before the midterm elections. But no. The attack machine known as the Republican National Committee is attempting to blacklist The View‘s Rosie O’Donnell for recently expressing her opinions. Uh, Earth to GOP: That’s what The View is all about. “Dems ‘Rosie’ view on the war on terror. Cut-and-run… Read

2nd UPDATE: Jim Carrey Fires Long-Time UTA and Long-Loyal Nick Stevens. “The Fix Is In” For CAA To Sign Jim. But Nick Gave Ari Advice On How To Bag Carrey

2nd UPDATE: *Two Jim Carrey meetings this coming week: Endeavor and CAA. First, I was told Jim Carrey’s manager Jim Miller called UTA’s Nick Stevens to fire him as the star’s 15-year-long agent. Then the truth came out (when people stopped trying to shield the client): it was Jim Carrey himself who Wednesday morning called Stevens and said he was going to take meetings with other agencies. Immediately, I hear, UTA realized “that the fix was in” for Carrey to sign with… Read

LA Times' Scriptland: Just a Terrible Idea

This may be the single worst idea in the history of the Los Angeles Times’ Calendar section. It’s certainly the single worst execution. I’m talking about the just launched “Scriptland” once-a-week column purporting to be “a new weekly feature on the work and professional lives of screenwriters.” What to the LAT editors must have seemed like a fresh idea is sheer lunacy. Because it’s not feasible. Simply put: you can’t review screenplays. If you wanna get all artsy about… Read

UPDATED: George Clooney Spoke To UN Security Council About Darfur

2nd UPDATE: *George Clooney spoke movingly and passionately to the United Nation’s most powerful body Thursday, saying the world would be blamed for another Rwanda if atrocities were not halted in Sudan’s Darfur region. “In many ways it is unfair but it is nevertheless true that this genocide will be on your watch. How you deal with it will be your legacy,” Clooney said. “Your Rwanda, Your Cambodia, your Auschwitz.” Reminding that the mandate of African Union peacekeepers… Read

NYT Selling Off Its Broadcast Network

Pinch Sulzberger announced to the staff today that, after a year of rethinking strategy for The New York Times, he’s made “some very hard choices about what kind of company we are going to be five years down the road. Regrettably, in an era of scarcer resources, we concluded that we cannot be all things to all people.” As a result, the NYT plans to sell its Broadcast Media Group, which includes nine network-affiliated television stations and their related properties: WHO-T… Read