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Intl Box Office Update: ‘Lucy’ Tops Again; ‘Storm’, ‘Expendables 3′, ‘Apes’ Swing It Out In China; ‘Guardians’ Crosses $600M


3RD UPDATE, 6:50 PM PT: Continuing from last weekend, the current frame's overseas total across the Top 10 studio titles is up over last year. This frame, while down from last weekend, is about 10% higher than the comparable period in 2013. The weekend was led again by Luc Besson's Lucy which saw Russia pump in $9.6M to set a 2D 2014 opening record. That contributed to a $25M overall weekend, a little less than half the next movie at the top of the charts, Into The Storm… Read


What To Expect From “Rosie” New Version Of ‘The View’

'The View's latest cast (from left): Rosie Perez, Rose O'Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace. Earlier this month, Deadline reported actress Perez and political commentator Wallace had been signed to take the vacant seats on the show, replacing Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. They're joining O'Donnell and Goldberg.

The View re-launches Monday morning with a new executive producer, new logo, new set, new token conservative, and — maybe most interesting to Monday's viewers — the triumphant return of Rosie O'Donnell. O'Donnell left under a cloud after a short '06-'07 run as co-host, in which she famously clashed with co-creator and on-air Den Mom Barbara Walters, then-token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Friend Of The Show Donald Trump. That said, new-new co-host Nicolle Wallace… Read


Bart & Fleming: On Football Violence, And Rethinking Toronto Vs. Telluride Turf War

roger goodell

Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. worked together for two decades at Daily Variety. In this occasional column, two old friends get together and grind their axes, mostly on the movie business. FLEMING: I've never seen anything like the craziness that followed the elevator surveillance-camera footage of Ray Rice punching his wife, and a National Football League deer-in-the-headlights response that put its tenured commissioner Roger Goodell in danger of being on the business… Read

Box Office

‘The Skeleton Twins’ Holds Key To Stellar Specialty Film Box Office Bow

The Skeleton Twins

Roadside/Lionsgate opened its Sundance prize-winner The Skeleton Twins to robust numbers in a five-city platform debut across 15 theaters, taking one of the highest theater averages of the year among limited releases. In a much broader release, Fox Searchlight edged The Drop to a near-wide release over the weekend, landing sixth in overall box office. American Experience/PBS Films' doc Last Days In Vietnam, meanwhile held over solidly, adding one theater in its second… Read


Toronto: ‘The Imitation Game’ Named Festival’s People’s Choice Winner – Oscar Harbinger?

Image (10) the-imitation-game__140515231957.jpg for post 731204

The Toronto International Film Festival gave its top prize Sunday to The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and distributed by The Weinstein Company. The announcement brings the huge festival to a close after hundreds of film screenings over 10 days. The Imitation Game, a biopic about gay computer pioneer and code-breaker Alan Turing, won the Grolsch People's Choice Winner, AKA, the audience award for favorite feature-length film shown. The acclaimed film… Read


Arab World’s Relentless Crises Boost Citizen Journalism & Freedom Of Expression As TV Ratings & Film Box Office Rise

Arab TV Sunday Page

In a region where the media biz is often more noted for being polarized, the atrocious actions that have brought ISIS global attention have unified the vast majority of decent moral Arabs across sectarian and political divides against the exceptionally brutal terror group. President Obama and dozens of countries are rushing an emergency plan to eradicate ISIS on the ground, and the world is getting to know this organization because of the horrific beheadings of American… Read


What Was I Thinking? IFC President Jonathan Sehring On Funding ‘Boyhood’ For 12 Years

Boyhood Sunday Page

An occasional feature on the thought process behind an exceptionally bold, risky move.  If they gave out Exec Of The Year, it would be hard to overlook IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring, who funded Richard Linklater's Boyhood for a dozen years. Even with the flurry of Oscar fare launched at the fall festivals, Boyhood remains squarely in the awards-season conversation. We've written about this crazy gamble before, but as we move into that time of year when quality… Read


Homeland In-Security Often Pits Film Biz Vs. L.A. Water & Power Department

Hollywood Reservoir Sunday Page

When location manager Kris Bunting requested permission to film on a water tower in Griffith Park, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power said no. "They are concerned about our poisoning the water table," Bunting said in an email to his producer. The scene called for two actors to unlock a gate and climb up a set of stairs on the outside of the tank. "They gave me every excuse," Bunting told Deadline about the request last December. "Homeland security was brought… Read


Will Beatle Paul Twist & Shout For Broadway-Bound Musical About Unknown Legend Bert Berns, Tunesmith?

Beatles Sunday Page

Mention “Twist And Shout” to a Boomer and you'll get a shake of the thinning hair or shaved scalp along with recollections of the Fab Four on The Ed Sullivan Show. The more knowing response may even be the Isley Brothers, who recorded it first, in 1962. Ask who wrote the iconic rock number, however, and you're more than likely to draw a blank look. Answer: Bert Berns. Ask who pulled Van Morrison out of the Belfast band Them and produced “Brown-Eyed Girl,” or who wrote “Pie… Read


Vivendi’s Vincent Bollore Angles To Become Europe’s Powerhouse Cable, Web & Phone Provider

European Media Sunday Page

Call it European Dis-Union: The battle for supremacy in the Euro TV market continues to heat up with Telefonica scoring a major victory over rival Telecom Italia in its attempts to acquire French media giant Vivendi's Brazilian broadband operator GVT. Got that? While the primary focus of that deal appears to be the rapidly expanding Brazilian market, the real significance is likely to be felt by European TV execs, already bracing for the imminent entry of Netflix into… Read


Has Crackle Cracked the Code For Over-The-Top Content Companies?


Crackle, once an odd bird among the flock of startups in the emerging world of online video, finally seems to be flying in the right direction. Crackle's timing couldn't be better, as consumer frustration grows over cable and other pay-TV providers. Suddenly, more people are getting their TV-like entertainment experiences in new ways, and are expecting increasingly high-quality material when they go there. Crackle started early in the last decade as a stand-alone… Read


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