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‘Bourne’ May Miss $60M; ‘Moms’ To Purse Mid-$20M; ‘Nerve’ Steady – Box Office Saturday PM

Jason Bourne Bad Moms Nerve

Updated, Saturday 11:00 PM: While Jason Bourne‘s still in line for an opening around $60M debut (will probably be under) and Nerve is still in the $9M three-day and $15M five-day range, the R-rated comedy Bad Moms, as expected, started to stall today and tonight shows a cume more in line with a mid-$20M take, maybe $23M to $24M. STX Entertainment’s film is playing out less like Trainwreck and more like Magic Mike or Sex in the City — front-loaded from advanced ticket… Read


‘Heaven Sent’ Skydiver Lands Safely but His Team Is Not Happy

Heaven Sent

The death-defying skydiving stunt that aired live tonight on Fox went off without a hitch – but not without a hiccup. Renowned skydiver Luke Akins became the first man to jump from an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and land safely in a giant net. The stunt went perfectly, but it almost didn't go off as planned. In the days leading up to the jump, SAG-AFTRA informed the production company that it was too dangerous – that they wouldn't let him jump without a chu… Read


Khan Family Responds To Trump: “I Don’t Think He Knows The Meaning Of Sacrifice”

Khizr Kahn at DNC 2016

One of the most memorable moments from the two week spectacle that was the back to back Republican and Democratic national conventions was a moving speech by Khizr Khan, who spoke onstage at the DNC as a representative of the American Muslim community. Responding directly to Donald Trump’s controversial calls for at least a temporary ban on all immigration to the U.S. by Muslims, Khan talked about his son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died serving in Iraq in 2004. Most… Read


‘Berlin Station’ Creator On Being Compared To ‘Homeland’: Show Depicts “Normal People With An Abnormal Job”

Epix Logo 2

EPIX’s original espionage intelligence drama Berlin Station follows Daniel Miller,(Richard Armitage), who has just arrived at the CIA station in Berlin, Germany with a mission to determine the identity of a now-famous whistleblower masquerading as someone else. During the show’s presentation at the TCA conference – which also saw the unveiling of a new trailer which you can watch above – a question arose of whether there were any concerns to being compared to critically… Read


NFL Denies Trump Claim Of Letter Complaining About Presidential Debate Timing

Donald Trump july 27 presser

The National Football League didn’t use the word “liar.” But it came as close as possible today when the organization unequivocally denied claims made by Donald Trump that it had sent the GOP Presidential candidate a letter complaining about the timing of 2016 Presidential debates. At issue is the fact that two of the debates are scheduled opposite NFL football games. Trump has for the last 24 hours been complaining about that timing, kicking things off last night with a t… Read


Nick Nolte’s ‘Graves’ POTUS Not Ronald Reagan Parody, Creator Insists To Dubious TV Critics


Epix’s single-camera dramedy, Graves, which tells the story of former two-term POTUS Richard Graves (Nick Nolte), as he tries to right the wrongs of his administration and reclaim his legacy, 25 years after leaving the White House is not, as some have suggested, a skewering of Ronald Reagan, creator Joshua Stern insisted this afternoon at TCA. One TV critic, of the “it’s about Reagan” school, said the Reagan motif does not work in that  the series’ central character is… Read


‘America Divided’ Docu Creator Defends Use Of Celebrity Correspondents


Solly Granatstein, executive producer/co-creator of Epix America Divided docu series that uses celebrities as “correspondents,” got asked to defend that decision, by journalists at TCA. “We felt it was a formula that really worked, in getting people’s attention,” He said, adding that “these folks, every single one of them are just great on camera. We wanted it to be a cinematic series, even though it’s unscripted you feel like you’re watching a dramatic series” noting… Read


Nat Geo’s ‘Mars’: “If Mankind Has Two Planets… Then Our Odds Of Extinction Will Drop To Nearly Zero” — TCA

National Geographic Mars

National Geographic’s scripted/unscripted hybrid series Mars gives viewers both a real and dramatized quest to colonize the planet. The combination present-day documentary and scripted look at the future is what director Everard Gout described as a process in which “one hand fits in the other in terms of the knowledge and in terms of the emotion.” “It’s electrical” he added, “because you have that level of truthfulness on the documentary side but you also have an equal… Read


EPIX Sets Premiere Date For ‘Berlin Station’ & ‘Graves’, Taps Alan Coulter To Direct ‘Get Shorty’ – TCA


As EPIX is entering the original scripted space with three series from each of its co-owners, Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount, the premium network/SVOD service made its TCA debut. At the top of the EPIX presentation, the network’s co-founder/CEO Mark Greenberg announced that EPIX’s first original scripted series, contemporary spy thriller drama Berlin Station from Paramount TV and comedy Graves from Lionsgate TV, will both premiere Oct. 16. The likely rationale is that… Read


Media Groups Support Mark Boal’s Refusal To Turn Over Bergdahl Tapes to Military Prosecutors

Bowe Bergdahl

News organizations from across the country have signed an Amicus Brief in support of Mark Boal's refusal to hand over to military prosecutors his taped interviews with accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl. The Oscar-winning screenwriter filed suit last week against President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, and Army prosecutor Maj. Justin Oshana in response to the government's threat to subpoena 25 hours of taped interviews Boal conducted with Bergdahl, who's… Read


Nat Geo’s ‘Killing Reagan’ Ditches Bill O’Reilly’s Controversial Post-Assassination Theory – TCA

Image (3) ronald-reagan__140506121632.png for post 724773

Nat Geo’s adaptation of Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan will dodge the controversy spawned by the book’s suggestion that Ronald Reagan suffered intellectual decline after an assassination attempt on his life. “We deal with the assassination attempt in a limited way,” screenwriter Eric Simonson told TV critics at TCA. The “limited way” doesn’t include O’Reilly’s depiction of Reagan’s dementia. “One of the decisions Eric had to make is what do we not include from the book,”… Read


‘Vice Principals’ Star Rebuffs Racism Criticism: “This Is What Casting Equality Looks Like” – TCA

Vice Principals TCA

The cast and creatives of HBO’s Vice Principals rebuffed criticism at today’s TCA for the series’ depiction of two white men pitted against an African American female character. Kimberly Hebert Gregory, who plays principal Dr. Belinda Brow quickly dismissed the negative notion, stating “This is what casting equality looks like. There is an inherent question about her ability to be strong enough to stand with these people.” She continued, “I just feel really strongly that… Read